Our Story

It started on a coffee break. With a phone call. An idea. And two sisters.

The coffee break: Elissa (older sister and partial right brain) wandered away from her desk one winter afternoon to her favorite downtown coffee spot. She called Christen (younger sister and fully left brain) to add an extra bit of energy and warmth to the afternoon.

The phone call: A comment Elissa made about an observation she had at work (if you want to know what it was, ask her next time you stop in!) prompted Christen to throw out the idea she had been thinking about for some time…an idea that included starting their own business.

The idea: To open a creative play space in Pittsburgh with both children and parents in mind. To develop a concept that brings the community a bright, clean, and safe environment where children’s imaginations flourish and learning happens through play. (Elissa had instant chills with hearing Christen’s idea and said something like, “I’m in. Let’s start now. This idea is my dream.”)

The sisters: We grew up as best friends (most of the time) and wannabe twins (people are finally asking if we are) in the South Hills. After 12 years apart, both living in various corners of the U.S., we finally made it back to live within a one mile radius of each other (with a brother’s house serving as the center point of the circle) in the hills of Mt. Lebanon.

Since having that coffee break conversation in early 2017, we have searched to find the right space, right partners, and to develop the right concept to bring Play Town Square to life. We owe a special bit of thanks for the help of our “Focus Group & Toy Testing Specialists” (Christen’s 5 and 2 year-old boys and our 2 year-old nephew), Christen’s husband, Jason, and our endlessly supportive family.

Our hope is that Play Town Square will be a space that brings your family together for moments of joy and lasting memories.